The Grape Harvest
Season 2022






Grape harvesting in late August and September is one of the Greek countryside's oldest and most beloved traditions.
Family, neighbors, and friends all gather to harvest the precious bunches of green and purple pearls that will be pressed to make wine. It is a ritual that has been repeated in this period since time immemorial in Greece.

Grape harvesting in Greece always had its rituals and customs, which have been passed down from one generation to the other

The grape harvest is, and always was, a significant time in Greece, a tradition of millennia, with cultural and ritual significance, and with the attendant customs and festivities. The grape harvest transcends the agricultural – it was a sacred time in ancient Greece, and it has retained that significance into the modern era. The grape harvest is a fantastic time to visit Greece, a way to see into the heart of true culture – combining agriculture, ritual, and of course the wine itself.