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           ''Color couldn't exist without someone watching it''

I'm Eirini Kostelidou,a self-taught artist,with a brain full of colors.
Original Paintings-NFT Art- Digital Art- Thematic Photography-Art Events


Digital Art (AI)

New Collection 

Harvest Season 2022  





Art in Motion 

Every time I create an artwork, I give motion and sound.
I try to activate our imagination more while letting the color and the music heal the most wounded souls.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Art Events-Exhibitions  

At an art event, I let the viewer study my artworks, simply by watching them. His facial expressions are usually captured on camera and always in my mind. 

Art & Music Events 

The Boston’s all day bar and Kostello’s Art   joined  forces to present PANORAMA TECHNO LIVE SET from the most spectacular balcony in Imathia.

A livestream Techno Event from the Boston’s balcony.

The breathtaking view of the all green flatland of Naousa from The Boston’s Panorama along with the mesmerising techno sounds of DJ Tanison will make you lose yourself in nature.

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