About   Eirini Kostelidou

  A constant investment in what you really love, will surely at some point bring beautiful results and clearly professional success.

And for me, absolute success is to make people dream again through my own inspiration but also to inspire people to take advantage of every gift given to them without fear.

I am proudly self-taught artist, having discovered my love of painting from my childhood, but never really have the chance to follow my passion.

My thoughts are always dominated by colors and my artworks, certainly express optimism, serenity and positive vibes through all the explosive combination of bright colors.

My mission towards people is to activate and trigger the brain cells to perceive life from the beautiful side and my dream is to do as many things as possible throughout various art forms, using and inspired by colors in order to heal the “most wounded souls”.

This is why ,I give motion to my artworks sometimes .

I live and work in Naoussa, Central Macedonia and every day I try to develop my own style that give my work a unique quality.

 I have the freedom to follow my colorful brain so..


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